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Katy Beh Jewelry New Orleans

What’s in a name?

Can the name of your business indicate its imminent success or failure? I opened Katy Beh Contemporary Jewelry this month 19 years ago.

Why did I call it “Katy Beh…” instead of Nouvelle Orleans Bijoux or Golden Giblets.

Well that last example is pretty lame.

It’s caused a few issues over the years, that’s for sure (answers to the following are below).

  • “How in the hell do you pronounce ‘Beh’?”
  • “What is your last name?”
  • “What kind of name is ‘Beh’?”
  • Mail addressed to Kathy Beth.
  • Me: “It’s “Katy” with a “Y.”
  • Me again: “B” as in boy, “E”, “H” as in Henry.

And that’s just the mechanics…

  • I was only the curator of my Magazine Street store’s collection not the designer of the jewelry inside. Easily thought because most local jewelry designers’ stores have their names on the door. Clients often asked to see my designs. I would explain I was like Cole Pratt or Arthur Rogers Gallery.
  • It would make my store difficult to sell if ever I was so inclined.
  • I divorced and then married again. Then divorced again. Ugh. The name change game…

So why?

I put my name on my store because in 1998 I had lived in New Orleans long enough (five years) to recognize the power of people in this town.

It’s also a really cool name. 😉

Good or bad, pretty or ugly…we love to know each other here.  We are a social city. We like each other and want to be out enjoying New Orleans together. We love to have personal relationships with all of those we cross paths during our days. We want to know names, schools, neighborhoods, businesses... 

New Orleans is a city for people who want to connect with other people.

 The success of my Magazine Street store was due to the super secret powers New Orleans has I was so fortunate to receive:

  • Word travels fast around here.
  • New Orleans is such a small town…
  • New Orleanians are fiercely loyal to home grown businesses.

Here’s my fav:

  • New Orleanians support their local artists like all get out.

I pray I am so fortunate again since I have taken that leap and ventured into the world of making a living as an artist. My years as a retailer are behind me and my business is now Katy Beh Jewelry. I make one of a kind 22k yellow gold jewelry.

I know “Katy Beh” has become (in contemporary business speak) a brand. It’s what we used to call a business’s identify,reputation…and so much more.. I am so blessed to have had countless years on “the other side” of the art business to launch my own designs with bags full of knowledge and experience. However, the most valuable asset I hung my second shingle with is Katy Beh AND WITH THAT my clients who have supported, encouraged, cheered and hand-held me for almost 20 years. Thank you doesn’t even begin… on my knees, now.

Now back to New Orleans being a people town. In August, I reached out to my clients and asked them a HUGE favor. HUGE. I asked for referrals. I asked them to spread the word about my work.

It was scary. Hitting send on that email was a tad shaky. Would they?

But, you’re here. They did share. THEY DID!  Holy cow!

Talk about a warm fuzzy and you-made-my-year. I must have paid the special man to get so lucky. SERIOUSLY.

Man, I love this town.

I offered a treat to my clients as a thank you for their referrals of 15% off my available jewelry during this September.

You, if you join my VIP list, can enjoy the 15% off this month, too!

My heart is overflowing with gratitude.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Much love,

Katy Beh


  • “How in the hell do you pronounce ‘Beh’?”      BAY

  • “What is your last name?”                                (Sigh.)

  • Mail addressed to Kathy Beth.                         I can't even.

  • “What kind of name is ‘Beh’?”                          It is my first husband’s family name and is Alsatian and therefore, either German or French. In my (and our) hometown of Iowa…it was German. Now of course, it is French.

  • Me: “It’s “Katy” with a “Y”                                  My given name is Katherine. My mother loved the name Katy and wanted me to have a more formal sounding name. I’ve got nothin’ on the “Y” part except that it’s cool. I have always been called Katy. I am in fact not the first Katy Beh. My first husband’s sister is the original Katy Beh (Neas). Fo true. You should hear HER stories about the name.
  • Me again: “B” as in boy, “E”, “H” as in Henry.    Yes, just three letters. That’s it.