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Custom earrings for Virginia.

Custom earrings for Virginia.

Leap and the net will appear.

My beautiful friend Virginia and I had been talking about making a pair of labradorite and ruby earrings for a very long time...probably since the moment I began making my own work. 

Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Design

It worried me.
Custom work. Yikes. My nerves and confidence weren't up for it yet. My years of retailing had taught me how involved and sometimes difficult special projects were. Also, I so loved designing on the fly. My new freedom of dancing in my own creativity was delirious! I had taken one of the biggest emotional leaps of my life to begin to create my own work...and I was still very, very shaky. The fear of bringing a partner into my precious and personal revolution was very real.

Time passed and her enthusiasm for my work grew.

Virginia was my constant cheerleader; generous with her business expertise, contacts and ideas. Our friendship grew deeper as I branched out on my own Round #2. She would not for a second let me doubt my talent or according to her, my imminent success. And the earrings. 
A few months ago Virginia texted me. She was coming to my studio and we were moving forward on the project.  I took a deep breath and dove in.

To my delight, it wasn't so scary!

We opened a bottle of wine and played with stones; bounced around ideas.

Ultimatlely, we came up with a vision and I promised her three sketched variations.  I shot pictures of the designs and stones (for proportion) with my phone then texted them to her


Easy as THAT


Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Design

Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Design

 After official paperwork and a deposit, I got to work.

I had a blast!

I alloyed the necessary 22k yellow gold, milled it into the sheet and various gauges of wire I needed and began bringing the earrings to life.

Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Design

  Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Design

Making tiny things is tricky.

But I've had years of experience and am able to problem solve with each new creation.

For me, it is part of the fun.


Presenting the finished earrings to Virginia during her birthday party was the best part.

I would love to create something unique for you, too.  To get started, go to my contact page & let's get going!