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I would be delighted to make a superbly personal and unique piece of jewelry for you!

  • Family heirlooms?
  • Jewelry from an ex?
  • (OMG I can't believe he picked this out for me pieces?)
  • Let's update your engagement ring!
  • Strands of pearls crying out for 2016?

    This is so much fun it should be illegal.
    Katy Beh Jewelry New Orleans Handmade 22k Fine Gold Jewelry

    My Look Book is full gorgeous inspiration.

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    Katy Beh Jewelry New Orleans Handmade 22k Fine Gold Jewelry
    We can work in person or long distance via all sorts of channels.
    • During our first conversation, I will get a clear idea of what you are dreaming about.
    Maybe a solution to re-purpose gemstones from family heirlooms. Perhaps an overhaul of your engagement ring. Some of you might have loose stones from an exotic vacation. I have tons of gems - let me create a mother's ring for you. There are endless possibilities to what we could design together.
    • From there, I will sketch 1-3 design options for you and present them with the price.

    • Pending your approval and payment, I will create your jewelry.  It should be ready with 2-4 weeks.

    A few things to think about: I will return all unused settings to you, unless we agree on a "scrap credit" price. Not all stones are suitable for use. We will talk about your budget and time frame. If you have stones and/or old jewelry with stones, I will need to see those too.

    You will be so psyched!!


    Check out my jewelry that's already found their forever homes.

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    Drool with me please.  I made this INSANE custom bracelet for one of my wonderful clients. He gave it to his wife for her birthday. She called me the second after she opened the box, gasping with joy. I was so relieved. It meant so much to me to have her love it. 

    Katy Beh Jewelry New Orleans Handmade 22k Fine Gold Jewelry