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Custom Story: Heirloom Diamond Ring Redesign

Tell your story. Wear your love.

Heirloom Diamond Ring Redesign 

What to do with all those tiny diamonds in the jewelry you inherited?

You don't wear them - they're not your style, not your size and missing stones, too. However, the jewelry is still sentimental.

You could be wearing all those tiny diamonds in pieces like these. 

Katy Beh Jewelry Inherited Diamond Custom 22k Gold New Orleans

I created this custom 22k gold necklace and earring set with the tiny diamonds from the engagement ring my clients -  sisters - inherited from their mother.

Renewed, now they are a signature pieces for the sisters; they love telling the story and best of all wear them non-stop. These one of a kind pieces are now their most worn and loved pieces.

I would love to shake up some inherited or outdated pieces from your collection, too. Begin with my Custom Inquiry Form.

Here's where we started:

Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Design New Orleans

Katy Beh Custom JewelryTwo sisters walked into my studio with a pair of little rings. They had had their deceased mother’s engagement ring made into pretty little sparklies...but they weren’t happy.

Although deeply sentimental and indeed keepsakes, the little rings weren’t up to par in quality and missing that "special something" reflecting their love for their mother.

Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Design New Orleans

Katy Beh Custom Jewelry DesignDuring my first meeting with the sisters, one brought her 12 year old daughter along. Meeting the family and seeing their affection in person gave me an idea.

A necklace and earring set the two could share, wearing the pieces alone or together as well as have magnificent, heart-felt jewelry to pass down to the daughter when she grew up.

Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Design

Katy Beh Custom Jewelry Design
While making their custom pieces, I kept the women up to date with photos and videos.

Their enthusiasm was contagious!


Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Design New Orleans

Katy Beh Jewelry Inherited Diamond Custom Jewelry New Orleans


To say we were all thrilled with the outcome is an understatement.Her smile says it all!

I'm still touched by this opportunity to make something so meaningful. What a treat to be a part of this. 

I would love to design and create the most special - and personal - piece of 22k gold jewelry you will ever have.

May I ask you a few questions?

My professional service and 22k gold expertise are poised to deliver that special something. My goal is to exceed your expectations. 

“I asked Katy to make me a modern necklace, using a 100-year old family heirloom as inspiration...She took care to involve me in the design process throughout, even picking up my unarticulated preferences; it was truly a pleasure working with her, and I couldn’t be happier with the result!”
Suman Naresh

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