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Custom Story: Inherited Gemstone Ring Redesign

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Inherited Gemstone Ring Redesign 

How do you update inherited jewelry?

Handed down jewelry is so deeply personal. You remember your loved ones wearing these old pieces! They told you the stories about celebrations in their lives.

It means so much that she thought you as a person with whom to share her precious keepsakes.

And the jewelry is a part of your story too, but it's just not you. Imagine how your heirloom jewelry could be transformed into your style.

Katy Beh Jewelry Inherited Jewelry Custom Design New Orleans

A cherished moonstone and diamonds from a mother's jewelry collection are combined in this ring I designed for her daughter. Her mother's memory is alive and will be passed down to her daughter. 

Absolutely Perfect!!! Katy, your creativity knows no bounds!! I couldn't be happier with it...we know mom's happy!!

I replied: I am thrilled it has met your expectations...Thank you for having the confidence in me to work on something so precious to...and for you.So honored to have my clients trust me with their precious - in every way - jewels.

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Here's where we started:

Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Design New Orleans

Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Commissioned New OrleansMy client came to visit with bags & boxes of her recently deceased mother's jewelry. The sentimental value of her extensive collection was priceless. We talked at length about her favorites and chose a magnificent moonstone ring to update. The diamonds in a few pairs of earrings would bring out the fire in the rare gem. We played with my collection of one of kind jewelry to sample styles and silhouettes that were flattering.

Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Design New Orleans

Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Design New Orleans HeirloomNext, I sketched out ideas for her updated ring and met with her again to talk about my vision. We wholeheartedly agreed on a punch of clustered diamonds flanking the moonstone would be too gorgeous to not do!

Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Design

Katy Beh Moonstone Inherited Jewelry New Orleans
While making her ring, I took lots of photos about the process. I love showing my clients all the steps involved to create their treasures. It adds to the already rich story.

Katy Beh Jewelry Custom Design New Orleans

Custom Heirloom Jewelry Katy Beh New Orleans

Engraved on the back of the ring is

"A mother's love knows no bounds,"

and the initials of the three generations of women.



I would love to design and create the most special - and personal - piece of 22k gold jewelry you will ever have.

My professional service and 22k gold expertise are poised to deliver that special something. My goal is to exceed your expectations. 

“I may have squealed a little when I opened my Katy Beh Jewelry box. I may have cried, too...Now to change my entire wardrobe so I can wear it as often as possible! Thank you!!"
Tes Brown

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