Katy Beh Jewelry

Questions, questions, questions.

"Do you gift wrap?"

        Every. Single. Piece. Always.

Like you, I believe that a small box wrapped in a pretty bow promises joy; that jewelry is the perfect gift and lush, quality materials should be part of our every day.

Katy Beh Custom Jewelry New Orleans

"How do I get in touch with you?  I have some questions."

       Email me!  Call me!  Text me!

iamkatybeh@gmail.com          504-237-8144

"I love your jewelry but don't see exactly what I am looking for. Would you make something special for me?"

        Hells yeah!  Give me a holler!  

"Would you make something for me using my own stones?"


"The Katy Beh ring I have doesn't fit me.  What should I do?"

        Please let me size it!

I prefer to handle the sizing of my rings.  Some designs however, can't be sized or have limited sizing options.

"Can I return something I purchased from you?"
       I want you to LOVE your Katy Beh Jewelry!
However, I don't give refunds. If you are unhappy with your purchase, I will extend a store credit in the full amount of your purchase, less any shipping charges. Let's get you happy.
      "I have a retail store.  Do you consign or wholesale?"
                Holy crap.
        I'm a single mom, as well as an artist.  While I am completely flattered by your consideration, there simply aren't enough hours in the day to handcraft extra jewelry for consignment or wholesale.
          "Where else can I buy your jewelry?"
                           Ahhhhh...I love it when you ask me that!
            I make all of my pieces one at a time.  Due to the slow-ass nature of my skills,  I have a limited number of pieces I can make!  So, my jewelry can only be purchased by appointment in my New Orleans studio, at katybeh.com or at trunk shows hosted several times a year. 

            I am velly, velly exclusive, Dahlink.