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Katy Beh in her Studio

Katy Beh Jewelry is all about creating gorgeous handmade jewelry you can’t find anywhere else. 

Using buttery 22k gold and candy colored gems, I use the ancient techniques of classical goldsmithing to hand-fabricate my jewelry.

By adding measured quantities of fine silver & copper, I alloy pure 24K gold into 22K. Then, I mill the 22k ingot into the varieties of wire & sheet using forging hammers, as well as rolling and wire drawing mills. Once my gold is ready, I begin building each piece, one at a time.

I love working with a bright, blooming palette of natural gemstones. The more included, the better; the more sparkly, sign me up! I mix lux and organic incessantly.

One of a Kind Katy Beh Jewelry

I'm  drawn to any stone that remind me of Jolly Ranchers.

My design process is pretty fun. I lay out intuitive combinations of gemstones; mixing up cuts, texture, precious, semi and rough to ultimately find perfect suite. I use familiar silhouettes in my designs, but sometimes I push proportions to a more extreme dynamic. However, my gemstone combinations are genuinely of my own imagination. 

Katy Beh Jewelry New Orleans

My jewelry is luxurious; made with the finest materials. It's spirited and lively; fancy yet fresh easy enough for every day. My designs are never at once formal or casual. They are always both.

All of my jewelry is entirely made by me and is personally signed – Katy Beh  22KYG.

Authentic Katy Beh 22k Earrings

I make each piece one at a time and they are also each, one of a kind. I am a finicky craftsman, but you will see my maker’s hand. I end up almost falling in love with pieces as I make them. When my jewelry becomes yours, the connection continues as you wear it, and perhaps share it with your loved one when they are grown. And, when you wear my jewelry, you'll bring your own story to it.

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Did you know that I make custom one of a kind 22k gold jewelry? Loose gems or family heirlooms. Outdated settings and ungraded engagement rings.

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