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Mardi Gras Collages...coming soon on katybeh.com

"You have the hots for an artist with crow issues," I told him.

Katy Beh Jewelry Mardi Gras Collages 

Do you have a better way to explain this craziness to a cute guy?

It started after this year's Carnival, of course. After the streets had been cleaned, the neutral ground raked, the chain link fences stored away for next year...after a good rainfall or two.

I walk on St. Charles Avenue everyday (try to) with my Big Gray Squirrel (AKA Birdie). I am that person who wouldn't dare pass up a shiny penny...but will for damn sure make certain it's heads up before touching it.

In March of this year (2017), The Shinies I was lasering in on were Rex crowns. The gold crown pendants that had broken off the beads from which they were thrown on Fat Tuesday were too much to resist. I found scoring one of those as soothsaying as the good luck of finding heads-up pennies. Long story short...

Katy Beh Jewelry Magpie Collage Days Katy Beh Jewelry Magpie Collage Birdie
Katy Beh Jewelry Magpie Collage Photobooth Katy Beh Jewelry Magpie Collage New Orleans
With each day's collection, I have been creating collages with only that day's treasures. The artist in me is also faithful to other non-negotiables: I stick to a square shaped "canvas" and the collages are always created on my kitchen counter. I shoot each day's findings with my iPhone using only natural light and then sweep the whole kit and caboodle into a zip lock baggie marked with the date.
I have no clue why I'm organizing and holding onto the bundles except I do know I am intrigued by the story this entire process records. I'll be able to find the words for it soon. I can't promise they'll be profound. Perhaps I'm just another New Orleans romantic.

Hi, my name is Katy and I can't pass up a sparkly, shiny, purple, green or gold; red Muses shoe, pink Nyx purse or whatever the Adderall lasers me in on to save my life.

Oh, yeah...I'm a jewelry artist to boot.

A tad long, but I can talk for hours about things that make me happy. My daily collection of Mardi Gras throws - fragments and other various delights - have resulted in a series of collages I'll be featuring on katybeh.com super soon. Here's a bit of chatter explaining (and exposing) why you might see me digging in the dirt on St. Charles Avenue in the morning.

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