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Virginia's Custom Earrings

I am so happy to share with you the story of making these custom, one of a kind earrings for truly one of the most lovely woman I have ever known.

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Virginia commissioned me to design a pair of earrings she had been dreaming about for years. Her standard for excellence and impeccable signature style left me more flattered than I have words in my vocabulary.

My demand for fine craftsmanship as well as my commitment to ensure she loved what I created had earned her confidence.

She trusted my eye and expertise; but most of all – we shared the same insistence for integrity. 


This is where we started.

Virginia brought her gemstones  to my studio for a Custom Order appointment. She had been dreaming about these earrings for years! The rubies were found while on an exotic vacation. The labradorites were a result of her persistence to find the perfect stones 

We met and talked a lot about her ideas...playing and arranging her loose stones as I took notes.

I then designed three different variations of the vision she we had defined during our consultation.




Then, for final confirmation, I sketched her final choice to scale.


Katy-Beh-Custom-Jewelery-22k-Soldering Katy-Beh-Custom-Jewelry-22k

 The tradition of using 22k yellow gold and the methods I use to make my jewelry are centuries old. The same classical goldsmithing methods I employ have been used for 5000 years. It is very labor intensive and exacting, demanding patience and discipline. All my jewelry designs are made from the gold wire and sheet I produce in my studio. This method of hand fabrication is unlike techniques used in factory made jewelry, and is rarely found in jewelry making because of the time it takes to produce and the high cost of labor associated with production.

I would be honored to design the most special & personal piece of jewelry you will ever own. 

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