That’s why I design jewelry that makes you beautiful every day. Feeling beautiful inside and out isn’t just a saying to me – they’re words to live by … so my jewelry is special enough for every part of your day (even walking the dog). I know that when you love how you feel, you’re always ready to meet whatever comes your way … and when the only constant in life is change - your outlook makes for some of life’s richest moments. A life beautifully lived is precious. Feeling gorgeous makes it sparkle.

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I would love to work with you to create the most perfect jewelry you will ever have.

A"laissez les bons temps rouler" combination of candilicious gemstones and rich 22k gold. New Orleans’ lush palette, her vibrant Mardi Gras and enthusiasm for fun inspire the color and spirit of my jewelry.

“It’s okay call Katy and she will hook you up, right in the comfort of her home. You can sit around in her showroom and laugh as you try on the most dreamy jewels.” Giselle

"I own several pieces of Katy’s jewelry and they are among my favorites – and among the most attention-getting! Each time I wear her pieces, I get lots of compliments and just as many inquiries: Where did you get that ring? Who designed those earrings?" Melissa Gibbs

One of Kind Jewelry Collection

We can all agree jewelry that is as precious and unique as the memories they are celebrating is hard to find. And when it comes to fine jewelry that is at once special; beautifully made; intentionally fun and unique; you don’t want jewelry that is stashed away for formal occasions or looks like what everyone else is wearing. Me neither.

Custom design

I would love to create the most special piece of jewelry you will ever wear – a piece made only for you. When you want to remember.

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Every piece unique.

Meticulous craftsmanship and luxurious materials. Understated elegance enriched with a brilliant eye for color. One of a kind. When you want to be remembered.

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Meeting you, making for you.

My wish is you will love wearing my jewelry as much as I loved making it. Shop here online or if you are in New Orleans, stop by my studio. When you want memories.

By appointment.