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You know when you find gorgeousness so fine you can't stop thinking about it? A piece of jewelry so beautiful it keeps you up at night?

Lush 22k gold and vibrant gemstones. Each piece is unique and masterly crafted one at a time...only and always by me, Katy Beh.

For starters, I actually make the gold (called alloying) I use in my jewelry. Better yet, I have a knack for selecting the perfect jewelry for any woman and every occasion. Foh tru. Come on by my studio and I'll show you my superpowers.

Jewelry is infused with infinite emotion & meaning

For over 5000 years, there has been no comparable art or craft.

The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive - Coco Chanel

These pretties are the bomb. The biggies.

These jewels are the pieces that I told myself, "Go for it" and make that insane bracelet I'd been dreaming about. Lush materials and handmade artistry. Hours of glorious, meticulous love. Each piece is unique and masterly crafted one at a time. You know, classical goldsmithing is a very thoughtful, near obsolete process. When you collect my jewelry, you are preserving a centuries old craft. You are valuing history and culture as well as quality and character. These are my shining stars!

You're trying to figure out what to do with inherited jewely, right?

This is my favorite type of work. Let's jazz the dust off stuff and design something just for you.

Let's get started.

You're thinking 22k gold is too soft.

22k gold IS softer than metals often used in mass produced jewelry such as 18k gold, 14k gold and platinum. However, almost all the the jewelry made these days is cast. The inherent weight and density gained from being hand wrought gives 22k yellow gold jewelry more strength and weight. Fo true.

Watch me in action.

You demand the best.

Meticulous craftsmanship and luxurious materials. Fresh palettes and timeless artistry. Understated elegance enhanced by my modern eye with graceful lines and vibrant color. Genius versatility with minimal effort and maximum impact. Insanely gorgeous jewelry, each piece masterfully conceived and created in my New Orleans studio.

Learn more about classical goldsmithing.