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Fresh, heirloom quality jewelry for strong, independent and confident women like you.

Yes, you're in charge. But most importantly, you're a woman enjoying her life.

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Rich 22k Gold

Katy Beh Jewelry features rich 22k gold and vivid gemstones. Every piece is one of a kind, made one at a time entirely by me using the ancient craft of classical goldsmithing.

Learn about 22k gold.

Handmade in New Orleans

Katy Beh Jewelry began with a passion for color, beautifully made treasures, precious family keepsakes and a love affair with my beloved New Orleans.

About Katy Beh Jewelry

I'm Katy Beh.

I create contemporary heirloom quality jewelry for women like me. Strong, independent, confident and yes, in charge. But most importantly, a woman enjoying her life.

About Katy

Jewelry designer Katy Beh stands out

...in a world filled with synthetic and faux, at a time when anyone can pick up bags of beads at a craft store and try their hand at designing. "I'm drawn to the real thing -- the 22-karat gold and the precious gemstones," she said of her passion for being a goldsmith and jewelry artist.

Times Picayune

People are saying

"The 22k gold is beautiful and so are the fabulous one of a kind gorgeous stones. You can tell love goes into each handcrafted piece."

– Giselle - the girl who is planning her next fabulous purchase as she drives away from Katy’s playhouse!

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