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Do Pink Tourmaline & Gemstone Mix Earrings


Do Pink Tourmaline & Gemstone Mix Earrings

My Do pink tourmaline and gemstone mix earrings would be idea for a picnic on the Fly with your love as you watch the ships coast by and the teens get out of their mind. Easy day to night; lightweight and perfectly long. Entirely handmade in 22k yellow gold and finished with candy-like pink tourmaline gems.  A variety of pink and yellow sapphires are all individually wrapped creating a chain of fresh color. I named Do and her sisters So, Re, Mi and Fa with a twinkling nod to Governess Maria. Meticulously made in rich yellow gold that I alloy in my New Orleans studio, these earrings are the only pair of their kind. Created using the ancient techniques of classical goldsmithing.

My Do Pink Tourmaline Mix earrings are one of a kind and can't be duplicated.


Piece Specs:

    • Pink Tourmaline Mix
    • 13.05 total carats
    • 2 1/4" Long (including earwire)
    • One earring weighs 0.16 oz (a quarter weighs 0.20 oz)
    • Only one pair available