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Fancy Gemstone Cuff Bracelet


Bracelets - Katy Beh 22k Gold Handmade Jewelry New Orleans

I should really name this piece Blood, Swear and Tears.  I have never made anything like this before...so involved and complex.  To say I am proud of it is an understatement.  I was inspired to delve into the cuff world by my lovely friend, Gogo Borgerding.  She gave me one of her spirited cuffs as a thank you gift for hosting her and her husband during a trip to Colorado. Gogo was so encouraging of my designs that I came home from that trip and dug out some sterling silver.  I am so happy with how this bracelet turned out...I show it off to anyone! The cuff is entirely handmade in sterling silver and 22kyg.  The gemstones are a ridiculously purty party, are they not?

Gemstones:       Ruby (treated), Citrine, Pink Topaz, Peridot

Gem Weights:    24.55 (ruby), 4.80 (citrine), 1.30 (topaz), 0.17 (peridot)

Width:               1"