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Katy Beh Jewelry's journal...straight from the bench.

So much fun it should be illegal.

In the last week I've had several clients contact me about redesigning their inherited jewelry. SO. MUCH. FUN. Here are a few shots of a fun heirloom redesign I did for Kelsey using her mom's opera length pearl necklace. Now her updated bright and fresh necklace can be worn at three different fixed lengths.We added a killer center aquamarine drop and YES!!! Fab Tahitian South Sea pearl earrings to match, too! This is where we started. Kelsey's mother's pearls and her mixed light blue gemstone beaded necklace...I unstrung everything. I truly loved making this piece for Kelsey. She is a special member of our family and I was deeply touched to be asked as well as have her confidence in...
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Festival jewelry!

 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival this weekend and next! It is festival season here in New Orleans and as much as I try to travel light when pedi-party-ing, you know I never fail to go without My Katy Beh Bling. I prefer wearing one of my beaded chain necklaces with a little dangle pendant when out making the festival rounds. One, they can be cleaned! Two, they are indestructible. All of the sunscreen and sweat can ruin a strung bead necklace. Earrings?  Hells yeah!  Bright & swingy for proper booty shaking. But lightweight and always, always, always with those little rubber ear-stoppers.  Need some?  Give me a buzz & I will share.  I have tons.   I avoid rings,...
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Custom earrings for Virginia.

Leap and the net will appear. My beautiful friend Virginia and I had been talking about making a pair of labradorite and ruby earrings for a very long time...probably since the moment I began making my own work.  It worried me. Custom work. Yikes. My nerves and confidence weren't up for it yet. My years of retailing had taught me how involved and sometimes difficult special projects were. Also, I so loved designing on the fly. My new freedom of dancing in my own creativity was delirious! I had taken one of the biggest emotional leaps of my life to begin to create my own work...and I was still very, very shaky. The fear of bringing a partner into my precious and personal revolution was very...
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Disappointment and Rejection

Fear of rejection is one of the most common causes of an artist's block. It's one of the most universal fears, for that matter. I have applied to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival for the last three years, and each time have not been accepted. Based on my scoring however, I have been wait listed (for the jewelry category) - 6th, 4th and again this year 4th. Contemporary Crafts at Jazz Fest is crazy competitive. Spanning seven days over two spring weekends, attendees are at times in the near hundred thousand. Their demographics are those of my ideal clients:  perfect age range, disposable income, educated and cultured. In spite of Jazz Fest being a sweaty, dusty (muddy), pot smoking gumbo of...
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Baby's got buns.

I am sad that Carrie Fisher died. I was a kid in the 70’s and was 8 when my whole family went to the FANCY movie theater at NIGHT to see Star Wars in 1977. I know many of you remember almost everything about the first time you saw Star Wars. My dad hated science fiction and never, ever went to movies with my mom, sister and me. He read books. My mom too, had zero interest in science fiction, but a chance for the four of us to do something as a family was rare. Me and Lisa?  We HAD to see it. Was that girl's hair so long she could wrap it into those cinnamon buns on the...
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New earrings for my Holiday Show this weekend | Saturday - Sunday | 11am - 5pm

Promises, promises. I just finished a batch of gorgeous new earrings for this weekend. Free shipping - always. Shop local online, pick up at my studio - always. Gorgeous, signature glossy white box and golden ribbon - always. Handcrafted in New Orleans - always. One of a kind - always. Heirloom design - always. Masterly crafted - always.   A B S O L U T E L Y   W O R T H  I T.
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I Marie-Kondo'd my stuff and this is what it said back to me.

Sam and I had a Quality Moment a few nights ago. Those are pretty awesome, right? We were talking about how I make the gold I use to create my jewelry. I explained how I mix pure 24 karat gold with pure silver and copper  to make it 22 karat.  We talked about the different qualities of alloyed gold and I wanted to show him the color difference  of pure 24k to 22k gold and then compare those to 20k and 18k. I had to go digging into my safe to find samples of these lower alloys. Of course he immediately lost interest just as I was getting into it. But, I found the pouch I was looking for and...
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Lilith Cometh

Apparently,the black new moon is connected to many Goddesses, and it is particularly linked to the hypnotic and magnificent Goddess Lilith. Lilith is associated with sexual energy, creativity, rebellion, and feminine power. She is a symbol of divine matriarchal energy that refuses to be dominated or controlled, writes The Elephant Journal. Sweet.
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I love my new studio!

My happy place. I just created my own slice of heaven in my new apartment. My jewelry studio is almost complete and it's dream come true! Keep reading to learn how I made it perfect. Bright, sunny, white and homey. That is my recipe for the perfect art studio. I found it in a classic home in Uptown New Orleans. Making my "happy place" was priority one when I moved this summer. It took several months to get it both functional and comfortable. I still have a few things to do, but over all my jewelry studio is exactly how I have always wanted it. I invested in cabinets and work tables from the Martha Stewart Craft Space Collection sold through I live in a New...
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Price Updates!

 It was just five years ago that I went to jewelry camp at Jewelry Arts Institute in New York. Back in 2011, the price of gold was NUTS!  To celebrate all sorts of fabulousness going on in my life right now, I've dropped the price of some of my very first remaining pieces to reflect today's gold market.HAPPY DANCE!! This is just one of my gorgeous babies that got a brand new lower price.   Hey, hey!  I moved this summer, too. Wouldn't it be a lot more fun to try on these beauties in person? Give me a call and come on over!
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