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Katy Beh Jewelry's journal...straight from the bench.

Live Gold Alloying Demo!

Small Business Saturday, November 24th  You've seen my videos on Facebook, You Tube and here on my's your chance to watch me live in action! Live Gold Alloying Demonstration SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAYSaturday, November 251pm and 3pmOpen studio Noon to 4pm There's nothing cooler than watching the alloying of pure 24 karat gold. Just me and my torch - you don't want to miss this!    Two times on Small Business Saturday, November 24th, 2018: 1pm and 3pm. My studio will be open for visitors 12 noon to 4pm Katy Beh Jewelry Studio 1326 Jefferson Avenue New Orleans, 70115 Join me at my Uptown studio the Saturday after Thanksgiving for Small Business Saturday. This exclusive event is FREE and open to my FB...
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What is classical goldsmithing?

What is classical goldsmithing? In a world where most of our daily objects are mass produced, Katy Beh Jewelry is made one piece at a time by hand - mine that is. I also use the centuries old techniques of classical goldsmithing. I don't have assistants and only a few machines - a hand-held electric rotary tool and a simmering crock pot of sulfuric acid. If the power should go out during a tropical storm here in New Orleans, I'd still be happily at my bench. Prehistoric jewelry and gold Jewelry is one of our earliest forms of adornments. Not humans but Neanderthals poked holes in nassarius shells making beads over 100,000 years ago. As for gold, flakes of high purity gold have been found in Paleolithic caves from 40,000...
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Katy Beh at GOGO Jewelry Art for Art's Sake 2018

I'm so proud to be able to show my latest work at GOGO Jewelry Art for Art's Sake 2018 Saturday, October 6th 5pm - 9pm Gogo Jewelry  2036 Magazine Street
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In production - my website video!

Maker videos as they are called in the industry, have become an integral tool for today's artists, opening the doors of our private studios to the magical spaces where we make our art. My video will soon be front and center on the homepage of and give a behind the scenes look into the who, what, where, why and how of Katy Beh Jewelry.
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Your New Neutral Colors

Are there colors you wear that always bring compliments? We each have our distinctive palettes - colors that inspire people to comment on how great we look while wearing them. Why aren't these colors our neutrals?
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Sapphire - September's Birthstone

September babies…wear your blue sapphire birthstone and find your peace. Had your wisdom teeth pulled and missing them? Want to protect your loved ones from harm? September's blue sapphire birthstone is here to save the day!
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How do you make your jewelry, Katy Beh? (part 3)

I am inspired by making! Katy Beh Jewelry began as a passion for beautifully made treasures, precious family keepsakes and well, an obviously love affair with high karat gold; lush, vibrant color and my beloved New Orleans.
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How do you make your jewelry, Katy Beh? (part 2)

I am in love with 22k gold! I use only 22 karat yellow gold in making my jewelry. I alloy the gold myself in my studio 22k yellow gold is distinguished by its rich color and develops a beautiful luster when worn. The tradition of using 22k yellow gold, and the methods I use to make my jewelry are centuries old.
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How do your make your jewelry, Katy Beh? (part 1)

I am inspired by color! My jewelry design process is pretty fun. I begin making my one of a kind pieces by selecting an unexpected match of colorful gemstones. Sometimes, pairs and combos are left to ponder upon for days, even months. When I feel the zing of the Ah-ha moment, I know I have - what I call - a match. 
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Handmade? Handcrafted? Artisan?? A brief road map.

Is there a difference between handcrafted and handmade? What do all these terms mean? You’re totally into supporting artists and small businesses – you might even be gung-ho and invest in your local entrepreneurial designers. Yay you!! Thank you! But is the handmade you are buying as handmade as you believe it to be? Handmade is hot these days as we try to find a balance in our speed-of-light overnight advancements in technology. We are humans. We crave connection, intimacy and meaning. Handcrafted...does it add more value than "handmade?" Artisan is another value-added word being thrown around now. Artisan-made This awesome video made by Chris Kelly ingeniously pokes fun in his Maker Series: Artisanal Firewood  Myself and my colleagues are all...
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