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Fun Facts about Katy Beh Jewelry - How my pieces get their names

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I'm frequently asked how my one of a kind pieces get their names.

I watch crime TV while working at my bench or binge on a series like Grey's Anatomy or West Wing.

Shows I've seen a million times are the best because they’re like white noise in the background.

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I created a collection of fun swinging earrings last year for Jazz Fest.

Stumped for names and my brain fried.

I named them Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, and Ti.

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Five pairs of new earrings finished the night before Jazz Fest (again).

A Google search for girl bands with five members gave me inspiration.

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My palette is a "laissez les bons temps rouler" combination of candilicious gemstones and rich 22k gold.

New Orleans’ lush palette, her vibrant Mardi Gras and enthusiasm for fun inspire the color and spirit of my jewelry.

Check out and guess where the names come from for all of my one of kind pieces!

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