Katy Beh Jewelry

Festival jewelry!

Katy Beh Jewelry for NOLA Jazz Fest

 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival this weekend and next!


It is festival season here in New Orleans and as much as I try to travel light when pedi-party-ing, you know I never fail to go without My Katy Beh Bling.

I prefer wearing one of my beaded chain necklaces with a little dangle pendant when out making the festival rounds. One, they can be cleaned! Two, they are indestructible. All of the sunscreen and sweat can ruin a strung bead necklace.

Earrings?  Hells yeah!  Bright & swingy for proper booty shaking. But lightweight and always, always, always with those little rubber ear-stoppers.  Need some?  Give me a buzz & I will share.  I have tons.

 Katy Beh Jewelry
Katy Beh Jewelry

I avoid rings, bracelets & the rest...they get too funky between all the sunscreen and sweat, not to mention the risk of leaving a ring behind while making pathetic attempts to wash my hands in the various facilities is too great (and ewey).