Katy Beh Jewelry

Must. Make. Stuff.

I was in preschool when the need To Make possessed me.   It was forever ago and back then we’d get Easter Seals in the mail.  They were always so pretty.   Sheets of them that were all fold-y and stuff.  They were also free.  “Free stamps?”  I had to make something with them.

Mother’s Day was the next day and lightening zapped brilliance into my five year old brain.  The universe spoke, “You will make an ant trap from these Easter Seals to give to your mom tomorrow for Mother’s Day, Katy Jane.”  I set straight to work.

Holed up in my bedroom for hours, I folded and tore and licked and stuck.   Mom knocked a time or two and I screamed, “Don’t come in!” 

It wasn’t going well.

In fact, it looked pretty butt-ugly and the whole sticky part thing that was going to trap the ants had a design flaw beyond my five year old magnificence.

I sobbed and cried.  But, I gave it to her anyway.   She loved it, after asking what it was…  Truly the definition of “Well, bless her heart!”

I still Must Make Stuff.

It makes me feel like a kid.

I don’t know if making jewelry is what I am “meant” to do, but the feeling I get when I make it is super fine.  Like, no will-power super fine.   Possessed.

How can you do anything else when you find that?
Treasure today.


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