Katy Beh Jewelry

Alloy day was so hot!

Alloy day was so hot!

I am totally doing this again.

Handmade jewelry - entirely made by hand - is the most luxurious kind of jewelry. I hand fabricate all of my one of a kind pieces down to even alloying my own gold.

It was a joy to demonstrate my passion for the ancient craft of classical goldsmithing on Saturday, November 25  during my Open Studio on Small Business Saturday.

I would be happy to show you this amazing process in person! Get in touch here and let's set up a time!

My jewelry making techniques are totally old-school handmade.

I do not use wax models or pre-made molds; I hand fabricate everything. My original designs are created with the timeless artistry of classical goldsmithing; a tradition of centuries old techniques.

My studio is open by appointment. I would love to show you how I make my one of a kind jewelry and demonstrate these awesome techniques for you! Get in touch here!

There aren't many of us classical goldsmiths out there, but, whoa - are we passionate about it. The process is slow but deeply rewarding work. I'm devoted to this ancient craft, even if it slows me down a little bit (which is probably not a bad thing now and then).

Read more about 22k yellow goldand classical goldsmithing here or better yet, get in touch and let me show you! Here's my contact form and make an appointment to see me!

A B S O L U T E L Y   W O R T H   I T .