That’s why I design jewelry that makes you beautiful every day. Feeling beautiful inside and out isn’t just a saying to me – they’re words to live by … so my jewelry is special enough for every part of your day (even walking the dog). I know that when you love how you feel, you’re always ready to meet whatever comes your way … and when the only constant in life is change - your outlook makes for some of life’s richest moments. A life beautifully lived is precious. Feeling gorgeous makes it sparkle.

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Katy Beh at GOGO Jewelry Art for Art's Sake 2018
I'm so proud to be able to show my latest work at GOGO Jewelry

Art for Art's Sake 2018

Saturday, October 6th

5pm - 9pm

Gogo Jewelry 

Katy Beh at Gogo's Art for Art's Sake 2018 Oct 6

Katy Beh AFAS at Gogo Jewelry 2018