Katy Beh Jewelry

In production - my website video!

Making Katy Beh Jewelry video

I hired local talent: filmmakers Sean Gerowin and Jerry McLaughlin of Backyard Shed Films and actress Kelly Lind  to create an artist video for my website. Backyard Sheds created a dynamite video for my Art for Art's Sake host Gogo Jewelry. I'll be showing at her boutique (2036 Magazine Street) the night of Saturday, October 6 from 5pm to 9pm.


Katy Beh at Gogo Jewelry Art for Art's Sake 2018


Saturday, October 6th
5pm - 9pm


Maker Videos

Maker videos as they are called in the industry, have become an integral tool for today's artists, opening the doors of our private studios to the magical spaces where we make our art. My video will soon be front and center on the homepage of KatyBeh.com and give a behind the scenes look into the who, what, where, why and how of Katy Beh Jewelry.

I work from my Uptown home, so my studio is a short walk from breakfast each morning. A compact yet efficient workhorse, it is command central for all Katy Beh Jewelry making and marketing. You visit my studio for private appointments in between seeing me at my Holiday Show in December and Jazz Fest in the spring. Here is where I personally help you select the perfect piece from my one-of-a kind collection or design a piece just for you.

Katy Beh Jewelry 22k Gold New Orleans

My new video will teach you about the ancient techniques I employ - classical goldsmithing - and tell you about the inspiration behind my jewelry. Not to mention a little peek into the daily madness of being a mom and professional artist in a city as culturally rich as New Orleans.

I'm so pumped to show the steps involved in making my jewelry -  for as a down & dirty maker - my bench is definitely my happy place.

We will wrap up filming soon.  Here's the agenda:

Day One - Friday September 14, 2018 - DONE

  • Sean and Jerry help me come out of my shell (yeah, I know) and get the project rolling with me talking about everything jewelry.

    Day Two - Monday September 24, 2018 - DONE

    • My talented neighbor, local actress Kelly Lind stepped into the Client role, modeling earring after earring; necklace after necklace; rings, rings, rings.Katy Beh Jewelry Backyard Shed Films Maker Video
      • My Michelle bracelet wasn't overlooked either.Katy Beh Jewelry Backyard Shed Films Maker Video
        • I alloyed an ounce of 24k gold to demonstrate in detail classical goldsmithing and rolling or drawing out the ingots into pieces of gold sheet or wire.Katy Beh Jewelry Backyard Shed Films Maker Video
          • Soldering, hammering, filing and finishing jewelry footageKaty Beh Jewelry Backyard Shed Films Maker Video
            • A chat with me on my sofa with Birdie supervising, while I tell you why Katy Beh Jewelry is not like everyone else's jewelry.Katy Beh Jewelry Backyard Shed Films Maker Video

                Day Three - NEXT WEEK

                • You will join me on my daily walk with Birdie down St. Charles Avenue here in New Orleans where I find all kinds of fragments & trinkets from throws of Mardi Gras' past.
                • I'll show you what it would be like with to work with me to create a custom piece of jewelry just for you.

                  Absolutely Worth It

                  I know you want to know as much as possible before you invest in fine jewelry - especially if that jewelry is a gift to celebrate a milestone or special occasion. That jewelry needs to be absolutely worth it. Believe me, I get it.
                  My video will answer so many of your questions in advance. Hopefully, the next conversation we have about Katy Beh Jewelry will be in person.Katy Beh Jewelry 22k Gold New Orleans
                  Can't wait 'til then!
                  Katy Beh Jewelry 22k Gold New Orleans
                  Katy Beh Jewelry 22k Gold New Orleans