That’s why I design jewelry that makes you beautiful every day. Feeling beautiful inside and out isn’t just a saying to me – they’re words to live by … so my jewelry is special enough for every part of your day (even walking the dog). I know that when you love how you feel, you’re always ready to meet whatever comes your way … and when the only constant in life is change - your outlook makes for some of life’s richest moments. A life beautifully lived is precious. Feeling gorgeous makes it sparkle.

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Promises, promises.

I just finished a batch of gorgeous new earrings for this weekend.

Katy Beh Custom Jewelry New Orleans

Free shipping - always.

Shop local online, pick up at my studio - always.

Gorgeous, signature glossy white box and golden ribbon - always.

Handcrafted in New Orleans - always.

One of a kind - always.

Heirloom design - always.

Masterly crafted - always.

Katy Beh Custom Jewelry New Orleans


A B S O L U T E L Y   W O R T H  I T.