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13 Jewelry Tips and Hacks from Katy Beh

13 Jewelry Tips and Hacks from Katy Beh

I have sold jewelry for over thirty years.  I believe it would be safe to say I know a thing or two about wearing jewelry.  Here are thirteen tips just off the top of my head.  I hope they help!

Brighten your eyes and light up your face by wearing white sparkly stones earrings!
Dark earrings or earrings with dark stones unfortunately disappear on brunettes. Stick with light colored earrings and they will POP!
Most necklace clasps are designed for right handed people with the clasp (the part you need to fiddle with) on the right and the loop on the left. 
Katy Beh Jewelry Dab your earring posts in Neosporin to avoid icky pierced ear funk. 
Avoid squeezing cuff bracelets every time you wear them.  Eventually the metal will crack and will many times be irreparable.  Ensure your cuff fits you properly from the get-go!
Wear white and yellow metals at the same time by unifying them with a theme or gemstone color...like diamonds for instance!
Do you love to wear bangles but wear a watch regularly, too?  If you are right handed, you probably wear your watch on your left wrist and bangles on the right. Reverse this and you'll avoid making a racket when you use your right hand. 
Katy Beh Jewelry 16 inch chains are for very small women and women under thirty.  18 inches is way sexier. Trust me. 
Instead of wrapping a necklace twice around your neck to make it shorter, fold your long necklace in half,  lining up but not fastening the clasp.  Then, wrap the doubled necklace around your neck with the "fold" in one hand and the unfastened clasp and loop in the other. Hook the "folded" end into the clasp, then the loop and then finally fasten the clasp.   This doesn't work on all necklaces but if it does,  it helps prevent necklaces creeping up and chocking you.
Katy Beh Jewelry Stacked rings look cool if you stick with a theme or common element...like gold!
Thumb rings always look trashy. 
Most multiple ear piercings look trashy, too.   Sorry. 

I will not even comment on nose, lip, eyebrow, and all those other etc's. Just stop it. It creeps people out.

     That's all I have time for right now...but there is so much more!  Promise!


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